The future of natural supplements for normal digestive health

Our focus is revolutionizing scientific research and application of algaes for a better life

Safe & Accessible

WellSea Nutrition has developed a revolutionary new product, based on a special green algae with natural healing properties.

Calm & Comfortable

Our algae has been scientifically shown to help soothe intestinal discomfort and support normal digestive health.

Natural comfort, for that normal digestive feeling

Scientifically documented to support your body’s regular intestinal function.

Soothe & nourish your intestinal health with Comfortin

Comfortin™ digestive health supplement is pure freshwater green algae-grown in a controlled and sterile environment then dried and ground into a soluble powder. It is 100% natural with no artificial flavors or preservatives.

Why Comfortin?

Help soothe the active intestinal environment, and support normal, healthy digestive function

Each single-serving packet of Comfortin™ supplement mixed in a warm or cool beverage contains the optimum daily nutrition to boost and maintain intestinal health.